Thursday, 28 February 2013

8020 Womens Day Celebration Ideal Looks...

Excited yet???!!!! I know I am...and as it is a special occasion Glambox has opened its doors to guests for make up. I am so happy to see all these wonderful ladies excited and booking for their make up and hair with us. This is truly amazing,and i love how we are all supporting Shamimu of 8020 for this day. Women can do anything provided we stick together.
So below are ideal make up looks for the event. As you all know its in the afternoon so,a little subtle,a little drama here and there,a little popping...we can do it all baby except for glitters and too much shine.
For buns you can do a bubble bun on the side or a ballerina bun

 Hollywood look is the most favored for that day for its elegance and simplicity ofcourse the lip pops

 Feeling modesty, Afrocentric or having a bad hair day...we got you covered

Braids go well with simple looks...cornrows,afro kinky you are on the fab lane too...

 lacewigs and weaves...perfect hairdo's all around


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