Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mishi,Rose and Rehema glammed for Sheila's Night...

This past sunday,Dada Mishi{a lady so close to my heart} had a friends kitchen party,so her and 2 of other committee members came over for some glam love. Enjoy their looks.
Some of you might wonder how they could have had their make up done at Glambox and they are guests as we have cancelled GUEST MAKE UP. They made this booking on new years eve. 
Mishi of J&M Virgo

 her dress,clutch,shoes can all be found at her boutique which is at Kida Plaza Mikocheni next to Danken Social hall.
 My mama mdogo Rose,dressed by J&M Virgo
 Rehema a.k.a Mama Kibunju

Neema,all dolled up.
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