Monday, 5 August 2013

Rani says 'I do'

I first met Rani about a year plus ago,she was with her now Husband. The two were as in love as two lovebirds can be. I mean i couldnt stop looking at them,sitting next to each other,holding hands still and just smiling throwing kisses here and there. I met her again this week before she tied the knot to her very charming handsome Prince who clearly swept her off her feet,he is a pilot so am pretty sure it wasnt hard to do,it comes with the title. It was no surprise to me when she said 'i am marrying him' myself i thought 'it was written between the two of you the day i met you'. Rani looked absolutely divine in a beautiful simple and timelessly beautiful gown,she went for a nude look to maintain her fresh beautiful face.
Glambox wishes you all the best marriage can offer,may the two of you sparkle with Love till the years of grey hairs,hold hands and giggle on a porch. Stay blessed,x.

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